Terms and Conditions


References to the “Company” or “webuyyourcar365.co.uk” relates to David Bilsborough trading as “webuyyourcar365.co.uk” .

References to the “Seller” relates to you, the owner of the vehicle which is the subject of purchase.

References to the "Car" relates to the vehicle the Seller wishes the Company to purchase.

You may use our valuation service for your own personal, non commercial use only. You may not use this website or valuation service for any commercial use whatsoever without written permission from the Company. You may not use this website for fraudulent or criminal activities.

You may link your website to our site providing that the link is fair and legal and does not damage the Company's reputation or appearance this being at the Company's discretion. You may not use this link in anyway to imply an endorsement of your site by the Company nor an association or approval by the Company. We reserve the right to ask you to remove the link at any time and at our sole discretion.


To get a no obligation valuation you must meet the following conditions:-

The car must have no more than 60,000 miles on its odometer

The car is not an ex taxi, hire car, driving school car or police car
The car isn't excessively modified
The car is not an insurance write off
The car is running and roadworthy
You are the registered keeper

Offer to purchase

The following conditions apply each and every time webuyyourcar365.co.uk purchases a vehicle from you, whether by internet,       telephone, fax, post, in person or by any other means. No legally binding contact between the Seller and the Company will be formed until both parties have entered into the Company's standard written contract to purchase.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions of purchase
affects your statutory rights.

All Valuations assume vehicle is UK supplied and first registered

All purchase prices quoted by webuyyourcar365.co.uk are an indication only of the prices we may pay for a seller's vehicle subject to an inspection by the company's authorised staff, authorised representative or duly appointed agent(s).

The Company reserves the right to refuse to purchase or value a vehicle at any time without giving notice or reason.

The valuation is based on information provided by the Seller.
Should the information be deemed inaccurate, the valuation price will be adjusted accordingly without prior notice.

The Seller expressly warrants that all information supplied for the valuation process is accurate and true, including, but not limited to:

1. The Seller warrants that they are legally able to enter into a legally binding contract.

2. The Seller warrants that the vehicle is not subject to any lien or encumbrance other than that disclosed. Where any outstanding lien or encumbrance is more than the valuation of the vehicle, the Seller agrees to pay the Company the difference between these amounts at point of collection as per the relevant finance company's settlement letter.

3. The Seller warrants that the vehicle odometer reading is correct.

4. The Seller warrants that there are no undisclosed physical defects to the vehicle.

5. The Seller warrants that to the best of their knowledge the vehicle has not been the subject of an insurance total loss claim, and that the vehicle has not been involved in any serious accident that required substantial remedial repairs.

6. The Seller warrants that he is the legal owner of the vehicle ,has full legal title, and has the right to transf
er the full unencumbered legal title and full ownership to the company.

7. Once the contract is agreed and made, the Company expects the Seller to provide:

  1. all copies of the Car's keys in your possession;
  2. the Car's registration document (together with appropriate proof of purchase if requested by the Company);
  3. the Car's service history (if any);
  4. the Car's MOT certificate (if any);
  5. the Car's user manuals (if any);
  6. any accessories there may be such as a locking wheel nut, radio fascia or remote controls.

8. The Seller agrees to remove any personal possessions from the Car

 In the event that the Seller fails to comply with the above conditions or that any representations are (or are likely to be) inaccurate, untrue or false, the Company reserves the right to withdraw any offer to buy the Car with immediate effect; and/or to rescind any Contract with immediate effect. The Company also reserves the right to (where appropriate) seek damages from the Seller.

In order to prevent fraudulent activities, proof of I.D will be required i.e. Driving Licence or Passport.

If any of these conditions of purchase are unenforceable it shall not effect the enforceability of the rest of these conditions of purchase.

Nothing in these Conditions of Purchase shall give any person who is not a party to the contract any benefit or any right to enforce any of the terms of the contract.

These Conditions of Purchase and the contract shall be deemed to have been formed under and shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with English law. The English courts shall have jurisdiction to hear disputes.

“Webuyyourcar365.co.uk” is a trading name of David Bilsborough, whose office is 7 -11 Badger Avenue, Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 3JG

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